Taking education further

Our smart property management system makes it easier to run colleges and student accommodation. It provides a continuous record of students from the college, beginning at first contact, through residency and into alumni.

Through detailed reporting and integration with student records and housekeeping, the software allows the maintenance and overall control of the administrative functions to improve efficiency across your educational institution. Our user-friendly interface includes dynamic screens and dashboards that you can customise to suit the needs of your users.

Unique features allow you to deliver tailored marketing initiatives and remain in contact with alumni. We also provide PCI-DSS compliance security for collecting and storing credit card details.

Accessible and secure

Easily manage your properties from any online device, from any location at any time. 

Rest easy knowing that our cloud-based software supplies:

→ Rapid deployment across multiple properties

→ Complete data security

→ Round-the-clock global hosting compliance and reliability


Purple Dashboard
Orange All In One Res Screen

All-in-one reservation screen

Improve operational efficiency by viewing student details, reservation details and account information from one configurable screen.

Specialised features

→ Multiple student fields

→ Extensive alumni records

→ Comprehensive management reports

→ Online booking of accommodation

→ Easy handling of groups and conference guests


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