As an industry leader, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with access to our extensive customer support system, free 24/7 global critical support, on-site and remote training as well as our comprehensive engagement program. This also includes the following:


RMS has a comprehensive range of help and training video tutorials to assist you, and your staff, in quickly discovering and learning the numerous benefits and features of our products as well as helpful tips and tricks to ensure faster and easier operation of your RMS Property Management System. 

Our helpful videos are available to everyone on our YouTube Channel and are updated regularly as our product continues to advance. Why not check out some of our videos here.

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RMS also conducts a regular series of feature focused Webinars throughout the year.

We will kick off our first one of 2018 on the RMS Rate Manager - 'Setting Rates in RMS 9+ Part One'

on Thursday 1st February 2018 at 11am AEDT. Keep an eye on our Social Media for more Webinar updates.

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Some of the previous topics covered include:


Want to learn more about RMS or simply get a refresher course? We offer onsite, remote and in office training packages to individuals or groups. Contact our Training Co-ordinator on [email protected] for more information.

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