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Check out the latest enhancements from RMS Cloud.

Stay up to date with the latest innovations and development from RMS Cloud. We are dedicated to driving innovation at every turn, staying connected with the pulse of the global hospitality industry, and listening to our clients so we can continue to build a product they love. The features below are just some of the many new product enhancements that are going live soon.

If you'd like to know more about any of our product development or how we can help you achieve new heights of business success, please get in touch.

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Document Checklists in your Guest Portal

Document management has never been easier with our new document checklist functionality that allows users to set a custom checklist of documents that are required before check-in for guests. This lets you automate the document completion process, which reduces the need to follow up and chase down important correspondence, freeing your team up from administration to better focus on delivering a great guest experience.

This feature allows triggered correspondence with follow-up reminders to all, which can be set up prior to your guests' arrival, and delivered via email or SMS. It is also a great new solution for ID capture such as; guest driver's licenses or passports, signed agreements, leases and bond payments and much more. We've taken the hassle out of more of your vital day-to-day operational processes  - just another way the RMS is helping you achieve operational efficiency. 

Feature 5-1

Pre-Authorisations are now customised to your exact needs

RMS users now have more powerful configuration options now, when managing their credit card/ payment pre-authorisations. New Pre-authorisation calculation options allow properties to configure the required pre-authorised amount for a reservation. RMS can automatically complete a new pre-authorisation for compatible payment gateways when the account balance or quoted rate exceeds the current pre-authorisation value.

Our incremental pre-authorisation can calculate if an increase is needed and actions a new amount if required. You now have the ability to set a maximum amount or number of nights for each pre-authorisation calculation and these fields have been added to the In/Out screen. You can set these calculations to be part of your night audit and enjoy enhanced reporting. 

Feature 2-2

Set Credit Limits across a group 

When applying a credit limit to a company or Travel Agent you can now choose between a specific property or a group of properties.

Plus you now have the ability to set credit limits at an enterprise level, see the amount of credit across a Company/Travel Agent group and how much is allocated to each property giving you greater transparency and management possibilities when it comes to invoicing and reporting.

Feature 6

Attribute filtering during reservations

This new functionality allows you to add an attribute filter icon to both the room type and room fields giving you the ability to filter both the room type/ attributes at a reservation level. These new dropdowns in the reservations screen allow operators to access these options for greater efficiency and immediate filtering based on guests' requirements. 

Feature 4-1

New Merge Field for Average Weekly Rate

A new merge field is now available for form letters to populate the average weekly rate as shown in the base rate section of the reservation. This come in handy in many use cases where you need to simply know the an average rental amount.

Feature 3-1

One-click payments from anywhere with Paylink

Create and send secure payment links to guests to complete payment using your connected payment gateway. Paylink generates a new payment shortcut that can be sent to any reservation at any stage of the booking process for quick payments that guests can action at any time. Set rules for payments and deposit required payments at set intervals that can be sent to guests/ travel agents or company using your current payment gateway to accept payments. You can also send out a manual Paylink at any time quickly and easily by either email or SMS. 

Feature 7

New Filtering on the Booking Chart

New text view options are now available on the Booking Chart to view reservations with the Average Nightly Rate or Total Discount value. Added data filters now allow you to choose how you would like to view key information in your booking screen across all bookings with a click.

Find out more in our help centre.

Feature 8

POS chargeback configuration options

Users now have new ways to manage POS chargebacks and automated payments. Easily manage payment preferences and set credit limits. Select whether guests can charge back to their reservation account when using POS Lite or a POS integration partner. Properties can set up default chargeback preferences and set a chargeback limit used by POS partners.

Feature 1-2

Introducing Our Newest Integrated Partner: Flexkeeping

Joining our technology and hardware stack of 550+ innovative industry leaders, directly integrating with the RMS platform at the touch of a button. Flexkeeping is best known for its complete set of housekeeping automation tools and a powerful management reporting system.

Automate daily hotel operations from team communication, preventive maintenance, and guest service delivery to daily recurring tasks, checklists, and housekeeping schedules, optimising day-to-day operations by up to 70%.



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