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Check out the latest enhancements from RMS Cloud.

Stay up to date with the latest innovations and development from RMS Cloud. We are dedicated to driving innovation at every turn, staying connected with the pulse of the global hospitality industry, and listening to our clients so we can continue to build a product they love. The features below are just some of the many new product enhancements that are going live soon.

If you'd like to know more about any of our product development or how we can help you achieve new heights of business success, please get in touch.

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View add-ons directly in your Guest Portal

During booking guests can choose to purchase extra items via the RMS Internet Booking Engine such as tours, breakfast, bike hire or any other service/package you wish to offer. As a great new feature of the upgraded Guest Portal, your guest can not only view these add-ons to their reservation but can now elect to purchase more items at any stage. This is a great way to unlock more revenue and sell last minute additions, such as a late check out. You can generate even more sales with automated SMS or email prompts to invite guests to visit their guest portal.

Remember these extra items are facilitated as RMS Requirements so it is also possible to highlight the reservation inclusions that apply such as free wifi or other benefits. Another great way RMS ensures guests have the information they need where they want it.

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Two-way email improvements in Message Centre

RMS cloud users love our integrated two-way email feature, and now we have made it even better. New inbox management functionality and an attachment tool now allow items such as documents, agreements, maps and directions to be sent and received. Attachments are stored digitally in the correspondence history of the guest for future reference. We know how important easy and trackable guest communication is and now you can manage much more without leaving 9+.

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RMS Insurance powered
by XCover

Launching soon, the exciting addition of RMS Insurance integration for caravan park owners across Australia. The program will launch to all caravan park owners on the RMS platform, for them to be able to offer best-in-market, hassle-free protection for your Annuals at a great price. Our comprehensive cover protects their caravan, annexe and contents and gives you easy access to their certificate of insurance; any time, anywhere.

Feature 2

Flexible Rate posting puts you
in control

Enjoy many new ways to manage rates with flexible features like day count, category level settings, easy overrides for both rate and deposits plus automated triggers like rates prompted on check-in. It’s all designed to save you time and give you control to optimise rate management. 

When using the ‘Create Nightly Rate Option’ you can now set how many nights and the charges will post on the reservation account. This can be set globally to apply to all staff members or you can choose the number of nights on a per reservation process.
This feature is ideal for a number of scenarios, such as when your guest is paying periodically during a medium length stay or when the guest is not sure how long they will be staying or how they would like to share the cost between themselves, you can now set your rate for say, 3 nights at a time until the final departure date is known.

To find out how this feature will help you, read the article in our help centre.

Feature 3

Slow release 2FA makes transitioning easier

Two factor authentication (or 2FA) is the best protection for your data from cybercrime. Properties can now configure Two-factor authentication before it is activated for all users. This means it is easier for management and staff to align on new protocols and ensures adoption of this enhanced security measure is stress-free.

To date, the required enablement of this feature has meant that each staff member has to become 2FA compliant after the property has activated this added layer of security. We have now developed a new slow-release process for this feature, so that each staff member can have time to prepare for 2FA before it affects their login process. Turn on 2FA for your team safe in the knowledge that all users are properly set-up to continue uninterrupted daily use of RMS.

Find out more about this security update in our help centre.

Feature 5

Introducing Our Newest Integrated Partners

Joining our technology and hardware stack of 550+ innovative industry leaders, directly integrating with the RMS platform at the touch of a button. Whether you're looking to expand your reach by connecting with the world's most popular OTAs, streamline your EOFY processes with accounting support, or make sure your guests have crisp, clean linens at all times – there's a partner to power it with RMS.

Partner - OTA Insight_opOTA Insight empowers hoteliers to make smarter revenue and distribution decisions through its market-leading suite of cloud-based business intelligence solutions including Market Insight, Rate Insight, Parity Insight and Revenue Insight.

Partner - MICROS Symphony_opThe Simphony POS system from Oracle is built for complete restaurant management. As an all-in-one cloud POS platform, it helps restaurateurs optimise their online and in-house operations in real-time from any device.

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