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Check out the latest enhancements from RMS Cloud.

Stay up to date with the latest innovations and development from RMS Cloud. We are dedicated to driving innovation at every turn, staying connected with the pulse of the global hospitality industry, and listening to our clients so we can continue to build a product they love. The features below are just some of the many new product enhancements that are going live soon.

If you'd like to know more about any of our product development or how we can help you achieve new heights of business success, please get in touch.

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Drive your own custom workflow

No one knows your ultimate workflow quite like you do. That's why RMS puts you in control. We’ve added the ability to customise fields in the pop-up data window which you can set to best suit your own preferences. Make the booking chart your own – add in the extra information that you need to see at a glance, guests mobile number, deposit paid, car registrations, bed configuration and amounts paid to date on their booking. When the right information is right where you need it, you will be able to work with greater efficiency and ease. 

Find out more on how to set up this new efficiency feature in our help centre.

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Easy guest booking experiences with DIY interactive maps

Self-made interactive maps have arrived in RMS which allows you to add any number of areas (such as park sites, floors and conference rooms) with active hotspots showcasing availability. Deploy interactive maps through all your booking touchpoints, including your IBE for a custom booking experience that lets your guest know exactly where they’ll be staying on-site. The best part? This feature is free to all RMS clients.

The RMS team are here to help you get set up with your own DIY Interactive maps. A great place to learn more is in our help centre.

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Keep up with guest conversations directly in RMS

Stay on top of all your guest conversations and have a record against each of your guest profiles in one easy location. No more jumping back and forth between programs or endlessly searching for the right email. RMS' two-way email is now available to all properties. This means that if an email is sent from RMS, and the recipients reply to the email, it will be received back into RMS via the Message Centre. It will be automatically activated on all accounts and easily controlled via the Module Market. You can add your email signature to your email replies in RMS and you'll never need to hunt through your inbox again.

To find out how this feature will help you manage your guest communication, read the article in our help centre.

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Take control of the important stuff with interactive documents

RMS is built to make sure the important forms, documents and legal requirements of running your business are taken care of accurately and easily. Our form letters interface has been enhanced and now combines letters with forms and contracts. RMS will now automatically recognise if you are creating an "Interactive" document by the formatting options that you choose.

In conjunction with this, we have updated the document interface in the Guest Portal to recognise and display in a Page Numbering Format. You will now be able to enjoy a seamless workflow, with the ability to now edit and send returned documents back to the Guest Portal if needed. In addition to this, we have created a dashboard widget to track correspondence that is sent via the Guest Portal so this important information is right where you need it.

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