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Innovation Update Archive

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RMS is dedicated to driving innovation at every turn, staying connected with the pulse of the global accommodation industry, and listening to our clients so we can continue to build a product they love. The features below are just some of the 3,000+ new product enhancements deployed to RMS each and every year.

RMS Cloud Innovation Update Archive

Innovation Archive Tile_October 2022_op

• Guest personalisation with merge letters
• Streamlined bookings and  housekeeping
• Improved IBE experience

August 2022 Innovation Update

• Issue and accept custom gift cards
• Enhanced loyalty and rewards programs
• Securely store payment tokens

July 2022 Innovation Update

• Projected invoice balances
• Enhanced automated triggers & reminders
• Interactive map surcharges

May 2022 Innovation Update

• Centralised monitored trigger screen
• Booking chart colour customisation
• Static exchange rates

February 2022 Innovation Update

• Easy guest document uploads
• Point of sale chargebacks
• Reservation attribute filters

November 2021 Innovation Update

• Guest portal document checklists
• Customised pre-authorisations
• Company & Travel Agent credit limits

October 2022 Innovation Update

• Promote add-ons inside the Guest Portal
• Enhanced two-way email & message centre
• Extended flexible rate configuration

September 2021 Innovation Update

• Introducing interactive booking maps
• Customise data fields to improve workflow
• Create and manage interactive documents


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